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About Hotel Co 51

Building the ultimate hotel operations company

Founded in 2020, we’re a fast-growing hotel operator aiming to break new ground with our sustainable, feel-good and people-centred philosophy. Our goals are to be the best at things that matter most:

1. Becoming a great employer in hospitality

2. Managing efficient and sustainable hotels in Europe. It’s ambitious, but so are we.

By putting people and the planet first, we aim to create a comfortable, memorable stay that our guests want to experience again and again. Building an experience that feels so good that guests naturally pass on positivity to their colleagues, friends, and families. In doing so, we hope to cause a ripple effect that will touch millions.

Only a few years in and we’re already one of the largest franchisees of Marriott in Europe, now operating in 8 countries, with over 35 hotels, hosting an average of 2 million guests a year.

With further new openings on the horizon, this is an exciting phase of our company, and we’re looking for like-minded people to be a part of it.

Want to join us and be a part of the next chapter of hospitality? Check out all open opportunities across our destinations.