Front Office Supervisor

Moxy Dresden Neustadt

what is required?

  • Experience in hospitality
  • Good knowledge of customer relations
  • Good understanding of computer handling (Opera, MICROS)
  • Good command of the German and English language
  • Venturous, humble, helpful and approachable

what will you get?

  • €2. 728 - € 2.864 per month
  • Christmas allowance, holiday allowance
  • 40-hour working week
  • 25 to 30 vacation days, increasing with seniority
  • Pension Plan (Betriebliche Altersvorsorge)
  • F&B discounts in the hotels

what will you do?

  • 20% Creating schedules
  • 15% Making orders for food, beverages and housekeeping supplies
  • 30% Providing customer care
  • 25% Onboarding new employees and supervising Crew Members
  • 10% Solving ad hoc problems




As Front Office Supervisor/Shift Leader at Moxy you are responsible for supervising the Front of House Agents and making sure that all the tasks are completed during every shift. Together with the other Crew Leaders, you divide the responsibilities for a certain department, for example the lobby and bar or the reception. During a shift, you regularly change departments, which means you perform a number of tasks during a shift.

During a shift, you check whether the Crew Members do their tasks on time and according to the guidelines as described in their checklists. You also provide customer care services, both in the hotel and online. Furthermore, you order stocks for food, beverages and housekeeping supplies so that everything needed is present in the hotel. This way you ensure that the hotel looks well maintained and the Crew Members are carrying out their work enjoyably.

In addition, you perform some administrative and organizational tasks. You prepare the schedules for the Front of House Agents, making sure all jobs are filled and indicating what tasks everyone should carry out. Furthermore, you organize projects assigned to you, for example a private event, and keep the Management informed abouth them.


You usually work as the only Front Office Supervisor/Shift Leader and with between three and five Front of House Agents per shift, depending on the size of the hotel. You report to your supervisor, the Assistant Hotel Manager.

For this position it is mandatory to have an eligible visa to work full-time in Germany: we do not sponsor visas for this role.

“A guest claims they have been double charged but nothing can be seen on the system. What do you do?

First of all, you double check the credit card transactions shown on Opera, the hotel management system, whether a double transaction has indeed taken place. If you cannot find anything, you open the 3C-payment extranet to check the transactions on the guest card that appear in this system and not in Opera. If it turns out that it is just a double pre-authorization on the card, you go ahead and release the amount that has been double authorized. If it is a true duplicate charge, you manually place the payment offline on the guest's account on Opera and then issue a refund to the guest’s credit card. Finally, you email the guest with the confirmation of the refund.


At Hotel Co 51, you get the opportunity to follow in-house training programs. There are also promotion and career opportunitites in the hotel and within the hotel group, as well as cross-national experience opportunities through transfers.

Career Path

  • Front Office Supervisor/Shift Leader
  • Assistant Hotel Manager (Assistant Captain)
  • Hotel Manager (Captain)


You are applying for the job Front Office Supervisor at Hotel Co 51 Germany (HCGR.MDN.186).
Are you eligible to work in Germany?
Are you eligible to work in Germany?
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If you like it to make both the Crew Members and the guests feel comfortable in the hotel, and like the challenge of helping them as well as possible with various questions or unforeseen issues, then this is the job for you.